The Bee's Wrap Holiday Gift Guide

The Bee's Wrap Holiday Gift Guide

The season of giving is here and why not gift green this year? From the home chef to the adventure seeker we've got something for everyone on your list. To help get you in the holiday spirit and ease the stress around gifting we've curated a helpful holiday gift guide. 

The Charcuterie Connoisseur

The Medium 3 Pack is the perfect gift for the cheese lover and charcuterie board connoisseur in your life. Include a wooden display board, and spruce it up with accessories like - cheese knives, kitchen towels, jams - you get the idea. 

Cheeselousie: Medium 3 Pack, Medium Wrap

The Weekend Explorer 

We all know that one person who loves outdoor activities - camping, skiing, climbing, hiking, biking, paddling, etc. And the best outdoor adventures always include snacks. This holiday season give a curated bundle with everything needed for their next adventure. Our Lunch Pack or Sandwich Wrap are the perfect addition to any adventure as they are super lightweight, leave no trace and double as a fire starter if you get into a pinch. Bundle it with a reusable water bottle, Darn Tough socks, and a daylight backpack for the perfect gift. 

Weekend Essentials: Lunch Pack, Sandwich Wrap, Snack & Sandwich Bags 


The Home Chef

Every home chef needs Bee's Wrap in their culinary tool kit. From prepping to packaging there is a wrap or bag for every job in the kitchen. Pair any Bee's Wrap item with a cookbook, and other kitchen tools for a curated kitchen gift bundle. 

Kitchen Essentials: Assorted 3 Pack, Variety Pack, HexHugger Bowl Covers, Produce Bags


The Mixologist 

Cheers to the holidays! Our Single Small is perfect for saving citrus. Pair this wrap with a bundle of different spirits, mixers and garnishes to make a personalized minibar for the mixologist in your life. Add other accessories like a recipe book, and bar kit to deck them out for the holidays. 

Minibar Magic: Small Wrap, Assorted 2 Pack, Swedish Dishcloths  


The Baker

Looking for the the most a-dough-able gift? Pair the Bakers Bundle with complementary baking accessories like cookie cutters, proofing bowls, sprinkles, and rolling pins for a perfect batch made in heaven. 

 Prep, Proof & Pack: Bakers Bundle, Bread Wrap, Roll


The Gardener

Is there someone on your shopping list this holiday season that loves to garden and cares about the food they eat. The Gardener's Bundle has everything they need to keep their bounty crisp and fresh. Give a gift to get their garden started next year with fresh gloves, new seeds and gardening tools. 

Gardener's Glory: The Gardener's Bundle, Produce Bag, HexHugger Bowl Covers

The Squeaky Cleaner 

Give the gift of clean with our Swedish Dishcloths. These make the perfect hostess gift, stocking stuffer or pair with other eco-friendly home essentials for the new homeowner. 

Clean Kitchen Essentials: Swedish Dishcloth, Dishcloth 3 Pack

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