• Sustainable Lunch Storage

  • Swap single-use with reusables and save plastic with every lunch you pack

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Introducing HexHugger™ Bowl Covers: the versatile lids for every bowl.

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From storing food in the kitchen to packing sandwiches and snacks on the go, these bestsellers have you covered.

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10 Ways

People Love to Use Bee’s Wrap

  1. Save a wedge of cheese
  2. Keep bread fresh
  3. Cover leftovers
  4. Replace plastic bags in school lunches
  5. Store leftover lemons and limes
  6. Pack a snack
  7. Roll and refrigerate dough
  8. Keep produce crisp
  9. Wrap half an avocado
  10. Give the gift of sustainability
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Our Story

Bee’s Wrap started with a simple idea:
make it easy to cut down on plastic
and store food sustainably.

So, founder Sarah Kaeck turned to
bees, nature’s most productive and
protective foodies, for inspiration…