How To Care For Your Bee's Wrap

How To Care For Your Bee's Wrap

At Bee’s Wrap, we believe that good food deserves good care — and by giving your Bee’s Wrap a little care of its own, your favorite wrap will be at your service in your kitchen for upwards of a year.

Cleaning your wraps is quick and simple: Just rinse, scrub, dry, and repeat, and your Bee’s Wrap will keep on keeping on.

Step 1: Give your wrap a rinse in cool water, making sure to test the water with a finger so you know it isn’t too warm. Make sure to keep your wrap away from other heat sources like stoves and microwaves so the wax doesn’t melt.

Step 2: If you’ve got sticky food scraps or stubborn crumbs to deal with, you may want to gently scrub your Bee’s Wrap to get rid of the pesky residue. Use your hand or a scrubby, along with a bit of eco-friendly dish soap, making sure not to be too rough — just a little pressure will get the job done.

Step 3: Dry your Bee’s Wrap by draping over a drying rack or wherever you have room (over the blender! clipped to a makeshift clothesline!). Just make sure to avoid heat.

Step 4: Store your wrap in a clean, cool area, and enjoy again, and again, and again!

We keep our Bee’s Wrap folded and tucked in a drawer, but you could also store your Bee’s Wrap on a basket on the counter, in a repurposed bread box, or wherever is most convenient for you. Remember to keep your wrap away from heat — and that includes leaving your wrap in a hot car on a sunny day.

Your Bee’s Wrap may become stained, frayed, or rumpled over its months of service in your kitchen, but we look on these signs of wear as evidence of a job well done. (If stains bother you, consider reaching for one of our darker colored prints like our Oceans print or Clover print when wrapping foods like beets, red berries, and bell peppers.) Rest easy knowing that each time you reach for Bee’s Wrap, you’re avoiding single-use plastics in favor of a natural, reusable, and ultimately compostable alternative.