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Rugged, reusable wraps in three sizes
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Food storage that feels good

Reduce plastic use in your kitchen with a healthier, more sustainable way to store food. Our reusable and biodegradable wraps are the perfect alternative to plastic—for storing sandwiches, cheese, fruits, vegetables, and for covering a bowl or casserole dish. 

Washable, reusable, fully biodegradable
Made in Vermont by a certified B Corp
Ethically sourced ingredients
Washable, reusable, fully biodegradable
Made in Vermont by a certified B Corp
Ethically sourced ingredients
Every print has a story. Discover our inspiration.

Our prints are inspired by nature and our responsibility to take care of the planet. From protecting our oceans to highlighting the importance of bee populations, our prints are designed with intention and purpose. Our organic fabrics are more than just beautiful, they're crafted with heart and a deep commitment to use business as a force for good.

Customer Reviews

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A poor decision

I am sorry that I purchased the Bee's Wrap. I do worry about so much plastic's being used. But the use, washing, drying and storing of the wrap is too much. And I can't use it for meats, which is the main thing that would have saved most of my concerns. I will sat that the onions that I have wrapped with Bee's Wrap have done well. I'm sorry to have to write this review.

Hi Linda,

We are very sorry to hear that you are not happy with your Bee's Wrap. We do state that this is not be used with meats. We do this for safety reasons.

As for washing, drying, and storing the Bee's Wrap, we suggest washing with a little soap, cool water, and let dry completely before storing. You can easily fold these and place in a drawer for later use. We sell a drying rack if you prefer to dry your Bee's Wrap separately from your other items.

If there is anything we can do to assist with your purchase, please reach out to us at, as we will be happy to address any further questions.

Thank you,
Tina @ Bee's Wrap

Pretty fabric

The fabric is pretty but I was disappointed with how little wax is on them. They don’t conform and stay on whatever bowl I’m using them on very well like another brand I use. I don’t see them lasting very long.

Hi Amber,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.

Since this is not the experience we want you to have with your Bee's Wrap, we would like to get more information about your order, so we can address any quality control issues you are experiencing.

Can you please email us at with your Order ID so we can address this?

Again, thank you for leaving your review so we can improve our products and your experience.


Tina @Bee's Wrap

Completely Satisfied with product and Customer Service

Wanted to do an extra shout out to the incredible customer service I received from Ryan. He took care of me like a real valued customer, its no wonder that I keep coming back to Bees Wraps. Thanks for a great product and Thanks Ryan


Gave as a gift Ocean themes great

First time user

I purchased these to use the larger one to replace the plastic wrap I use to wrap my husbands lunch (burrito style) wrap. It works quite well and he's adapted easily to remembering to bring it home. It's easy to wash and hang up to dry each night. I've used the middle size one on a bowl of leftovers, it stayed sealed in the refrigerator, I wasn't sure how well they would in the cold. The larger one has worked well enough that I plan to purchase more to have a spare on hand in case I forget to wash his one evening. I do appreciate the different styles offered as many others didn't offer any that were "manly" looking. I didn't want other guys making fun of him at lunch and discouraging him. Maybe you could design some more with that in mind?